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[en] Software Download And Licences

[en] How To Download Autocue Software

[en] You can download Autocue Pioneer or Explorer software from the Autocue website here:

[en] Download Pioneer here:


[en] Download Explorer here:


[en] Complete the fields and you be taken to a page with a link to download the application as a free trial version.  You will also be sent an email which you can download the application from


[en] Using the trial version of Pioneer or Explorer

[en] When the Autocue application is installed it will run as a trial version until a license is assigned.

[en] With both software systems you can output prompting for up to 20 seconds at a time. After 20 seconds the prompt preview will display the Autocue logo and the output will be blanked. After 10 seconds you can enable the prompting again

[en] The trial version allows you to try the software and test its features and functions so you can decide which of the applications, Pioneer or Explorer, is best suited for your needs.

[en] What you can do with the trial version:

[en] Add and use controllers:

  • [en] In Explorer you can enable 1 controller

  • [en] In Pioneer you can enable unlimited controllers

[en] Connect and enable prompters:

  • [en] In Explorer you can enable 1 Prompter

  • [en] In Pioneer you can enable unlimited Prompters

[en] What you cannot do with the trial version:

  • [en] Prompt for an unlimited length of time

  • [en] Remove the DEMO watermark

    [en] Artwork Note_20.png“The same application is used for the trial version and the full licensed purchased version”

[en] How To Activate Your Licence Purchase.

[en] To redeem your purchase, you must create a user account with Autocue.  This is free and only takes a minute.

[en] You create an account when you activate your license purchase.

[en] Pioneer and Explorer applications both require a license to activate as a full version, rather than a demo version

[en] On the Autocue website go to:

[en] When you purchase Pioneer or Explorer software you will receive a voucher card.

[en] This card may be on its own or part of a package. There will be a foil strip on the card.  Scratch off the foil on the card to reveal a unique voucher number. This voucher number is what you use to complete your user account and activate your license

[en] Enter the voucher number in the box and click Redeem.


[en] Follow the instructions on the next page to complete the registration.

[en] If you have not yet installed the Autocue application on your PC/laptop:

[en] Download Pioneer here:

[en] Download Explorer here:

[en] Or if you have bought a software package you can install it from the USB stick that you received.

[en] How To Link Your License.

[en] When you have activated your license, once you use the license key on the software it will be linked to your account.

[en] To do this, open the Autocue application, and in the bottom right corner you will see the Accounts icon:


[en] Click on this to open the Account pane.

[en] Here you must login using the same Email and password as you used to set up your Account.


[en] After you have logged in, the Autocue software will check with the licence server and apply the licence you have.


[en] How To View Your License(s).

[en] Log into your account from here:



[en] When you are logged in you can click on the Licenses button.

[en] Here you can view which licenses you have, their type, see when they will expire, rename the machines (PC/laptop) they are linked to and view the order they were purchased on.

[en] In this example there is 1 x Pioneer license and 1 x Explorer license. Neither of them are linked to a PC/laptop.


[en] When you have logged into your account on a machine, and the license is linked, you will see the Linked Machine name. You can change this to a friendly name buy clicking Rename


[en] You can also unlink the license from the machine to free it up to use on a different machine

[en] Just sign into your account in the Autocue application from a new machine and the license will be linked to that new machine

[en] Artwork Note_20.png The same application is used for the trial version and the full licensed purchased version.

[en] How To Use Dongle Licensing

[en] Autocue software checks for your licence status (if you have a licence, the type of licence and if it is still valid) by connecting to a licence server. This happens automatically when you open your Autocue application, there is nothing for you to do.

[en] This is known as an Online licence.

[en] To contact the licence server the Autocue machine needs to be connected to the internet.

[en] If you cannot get online you have 7 days from the last time that you were connected to the licence server to keep using the Autocue software.

[en] If you do not connect to the licence server, after 7 days your software will revert to a Demo Version.

[en] When you put the Autocue machine online again and run the Autocue application, it will automatically connect to the licence server and the correct licence will be restored.

[en] For some users it is not possible or practical for then to be online. For this we recommend a Dongle licence (part A9009-2086)

[en] Once the license has been moved onto the dongle you will no longer need to be attached to the licence server.

[en] This is known as an Offline licence.

[en] You can use the dongle to licence any machine that has the dongle connected.

[en] When you launch the Autocue application the software will check against the dongle for your licence.

[en] You will need:

[en] NOTE: In the Autocue website unlink the licence you would like to move to the dongle (

[en] In this example there are 2 x Pioneer Licences available


[en] Steps to move a licence onto your dongle.

[en] Connect the Autocue machine to the internet.

[en] Run the Videndum Dongle tool.

[en] Login to the Dongle tool with your Autocue account Email and Password


[en] Connect the Dongle to your machine.

[en] On the left you will see the Available Licences, todays date (the date that you are going to move the licence) and the date these licences will expire

[en] On the right you will see the Connected Dongles  and the ID number of the dongle.


[en] NOTE: It says Connected Dongles because you could have more than one dongle attached to the machine if you wanted to move multiple licences at the same time.

[en] If you do not see your available licences just wait a moment or click “Refresh licences”

[en] Click to select the Available Licence you would like to move onto the dongle and the Connected Dongle you would like to move the licence to.


[en] click “Write licence to dongle”

[en] Wait a moment and the licence will be moved.


[en] Now you can use the dongle to licence an install of Autocue software on any machine.

[en] When you run the Autocue application on an unlicenced machine you will see this message:


[en] Click the tick to use this licence or click the cross to use in demo mode.

[en] Common questions:

[en] Q1: If I move my licence to a dongle can I then reverse this?

[en] No. Once you have moved a licence to the dongle you cannot move it off the dongle onto a machine again.

[en] Q2: Can the dongle hold more than one licence?

[en] No. The dongle can only have 1 licence.

[en] Q3: Can I overwrite one licence on the dongle with another licence?

[en] Yes. However, the original licence will be lost.

[en] E.g.: You have put licence “A” onto the dongle. You then try to put licence “B” onto the dongle.

[en] Licence “A” will be deleted and lost permanently.

[en] Before you complete the licence move you will see the message: