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Removal and Fitting of Reflective Glass Panel for Replacement or Cleaning


Risk of personal injury or injury to others. Care must be taken when handling and installing the reflective glass panels.


Only use the correct size glass panel designed for the installed hood.

When the hood has been installed, the reflective glass panel can be fitted to the prompter assembly.

Panel Orientation

For the prompter to display images, it is essential that the reflective side of the glass is installed facing outwards. The reflective side of the glass can be identified by a removable blue sticker: Ensure the sticker faces outwards and peel off once the glass is secured in place.

Installing the Glass

The installation procedure for the glass panel is the same on all types of hood. No tools are required.

  1. Release the top glazing bar by sliding the bar to the right (when facing from the front) until the key way aligns with the bobbins (1) and lower the bar from the hood (2).

  2. Carefully position the glass panel on the bottom glazing recess inside the hood, ensure the blue sticker is facing outwards.

  3. Lay the glass against the foam pads.

  4. Secure the glass using the top glazing bar. Locate the key ways over the bobbins on the hood.

  5. Slide the bar to the left (when facing from the front) until it locks into place on the bobbins.