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How To Create A Run Order

A Run Order is one script with clearly marked separate sections/stories. Creating a Run Order makes it quick and easy to move around in a script.

Place the cursor in the Story Editor window and begin typing or, copy and paste text into the Story Editor window, or click CTRL+O to open a file.

When typing or opening a new script, the text will be highlighted as a Slugline. A Slugline is a story title that shows the presenter where they are in the script but isn’t to be read aloud.

The Slugline will continue until the first carriage return. The Slugline text will appear in the Run Order manager window and “Untitled” will appear in the Run Order tabs.


To add another Slugline right click anywhere in the text and select Convert To Slugline or click Ctrl +F5.

You will then be given the option to add an alphanumeric identifier to the Slugline.

Enter the desired identifier and hit Ok.

This new slugline will be added to the Run Order. Repeat this operation for additional stories you would like to appear in the Run Order.

To remove a Slugline, put the cursor on the Slugline text, right click and select “Convert to Story Text” or click Ctrl+F5.