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Routine Maintenance The prompter assembly requires minimal routine maintenance, apart from checking the connections and overall operation periodically. Routine checks During use, check the following: • Check cables for signs of wear or damage. Replace as necessary. • Check that all cables are connected properly. • Check fixings are all tight.


Risk of electric shock. Disconnect and isolate the product from the power supply before cleaning.

During normal use the only cleaning required should be a regular wipe over with a dry, lint-free cloth. Dirt accumulated during storage or periods of disuse may be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Particular attention should be paid to all connection ports on the Prompter.

Reflective glass cleaning


Risk of personal injury or injury to others. Care must be taken when handling or cleaning the reflective glass panels.

Care and cleaning of the reflective glass panel is essential for increased life and prompting display performance. No solvents or glass cleaners should be used. Only use clean water and a damp lens cloth when cleaning. Do not apply excessive pressure to the reflective glass panel during the cleaning process.