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Installing the Monitor

Package contents

Unpack the product and check if the following contents have been included.

  • Monitor

  • Power supply

  • Quick Start User Guide

Before setting up the monitor, please read the supplied instruction manual and carefully follow the safety precautions. To protect equipment, always turn off the source and monitor before connecting.

When setting up the monitor, pay close attention to your surrounding environment and ensure that the temperature and humidity are within the specified specifications of that monitor. You will find these in the supplied manual. Once you have installed the monitor in the desired position, please follow the steps below to connect it:

Installing the Monitor


Incorrect connections may impair the proper function of the flat panel display, cause poor image quality and / or damage the LCD module.

Connection using composite video or SDI to the prompter monitor should always be made with screened 75Ω coaxial cable. The video cable screen should be connected to earth (ground) at both ends.

Below is an overview of the available video and audio connections. You can use these as a reference when connecting your monitor.


Each Autocue monitor has different video connections (HDMI, VGA, or BNC) and inputs. It is important that the video connection used and the selected input match. This can be done with the buttons on the front of the monitor. By default, the screen is set to the HDMI channel.

  1. Connect your monitor to a video source with a video cable. This can be done with the HDMI, VGA or BNC inputs.

  2. Connect the power supply using the supplied 12-16.8Vdc psu only. (Use of any non authorised psu will invalidate the warranty). The power supply connects to the DC12V input on the monitor.

  3. Turn on the video source and then the monitor.

If the resolution and signal of the video source are supported, you have finished setting up the monitor. It is now ready for use.