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Autocue Help Centre


  1. How do I adjust the resolution?

    The resolution always needs to be set at the source. Your video card/graphic driver and monitor together determine the available resolutions. In Windows you can select the desired resolution under Windows® Control Panel by adjusting the 'Display properties‘. In Mac the resolution can be adjusted under the Display Settings.

  2. Is the LCD screen resistant to scratches?

    It is recommended that the panel surface not be subjected to excessive shocks and be protected from sharp or blunt objects. When handling the monitor, make sure that there is no pressure or force applied to the panel surface side. This may affect your warranty conditions.

  3. Why does the monitor 'No signal' appear?

    Make sure the correct input is selected and confirmed. This can be done by using the 'INPUT' button on the back of the monitor. Confirm your selection by pressing 'ENTER/AUTO'

  4. How should I clean the LCD surface?

    For normal cleaning, use a clean, soft cloth. For extensive cleaning, please use isopropyl alcohol. Do not use other solvents such as ethyl alcohol, ethanol, acetone, hexane, etc.

  5. Why is my screen not displaying sharp text, and jagged characters?

    Your monitor works best at its native resolution. Make sure the resolution transmitted by the source is similar to the native resolution of the monitor.