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Attach the Monitor to the Monitor Tray.

  1. Lay the monitor screen side down (place a soft cloth underneath to protect the screen).

  2. Align the monitor tray thumbscrews with vesa mounting points on the monitor.


Ensure the function switches on the monitor should face forwards towards the presenter.


Attach the Monitor Plate to the Stand.

  1. Offer the stand up to the rear of the monitor plate

  2. Secure the stand to the monitor plate using the 2 x thumbscrews. Tighten to secure.


Telescopic Beamsplitter Pole

  1. Unscrew the extension pole from the stand by unscrewing anticlockwise.

  2. Align the extension pole with the base pole and screw clockwise to secure.


Adjustable Beamsplitter Mount

  1. Screw the glass clamp onto the telescopic beamsplitter pole and turn clockwise to secure.


Insert Glass into Adjustable Beamsplitter Mount.

  1. Unscrew the glass clamp by turning anticlockwise to allow the jaws to open enough to accept the glass.

  2. Insert the glass ensuring the blue sticker side is facing the talent.

  3. Tighten the clamp to the glass by turning clockwise to secure.


Adjust Height and Glass Angle

  1. Loosen the height adjustment clamp and raise or lower the telescopic pole to the required height.

  2. Loosen the clamp thumb wheel by turning anticlockwise to adjust the angle of the glass, tighten when the required angle is achieved by turning clockwise to secure.


The glass will need to be approximately 45°. Make fine adjustments until the monitor is clearly displayed in the glass.

Connecting the Navigator Monitors to Source

For P7008-0905 Navigator Plus Conference package see P7015-0001 HDMI to SDI Converter Brief Introduction

For P7010-0905 Navigator Conference Package see P7015-0003 HDMI 1.4 Splitter Brief Introduction