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Pioneer Studio Box Lens System

Attach the telescopic rods.


Before attempting to install or adjust the prompter assembly, the tilt axis of the head support must be securely locked.

  1. Screw (clockwise) the telescopic rods (TR-12) into the mounting holes on the head.

  2. Twist the locking collars anticlockwise to release the inner rod.

  3. Rotate the plates on the end of the rods anticlockwise to expose some thread and leave them in the horizontal position.

  4. Slide the bracket over the end plates.

  1. Using a small Hex key or similar rotate the smaller rods clockwise to clamp them to the bracket.

  1. Push or extend the inner rods with the bracket attached to a suitable distance to the head and lock the rod collets by turning clockwise.


Attach monitor bracket

Lay the monitor face down on a flat surface (use a towel or similar to protect the screen).


Align the mounting holes with the 4 x captive thumbscrews on the bracket and turn clockwise to secure. Do not over tighten.


Mount the monitor and rail onto the mounting bracket

  1. Turn the monitor the correct way up (screen facing upwards).

    1. one.svgOffer the assembly to the rail mount and twist slightly clockwise to align the key-ways with the screws on the rail bracket.

    2. two.svgWith the fixed screws inserted in the keyholes twist the monitor assemble slightly anticlockwise and allow the bracket to drop into location.

    3. four.svgWith the monitor assembly in place tighten the thumbscrews x 2 to lock the monitor assembly in place.


Add the hood to the assembly

  1. Offer up the hood assembly to the rail mount fixings, and place the key-ways over the fixings and lower into place.

  1. Locate the captive thumbscrews and tighten to secure the hood. To fit the glass to the hood see Removal and Fitting of Reflective Glass Panel for Replacement or Cleaning

  1. Mounting the Camera

  2. Before mounting the camera, the carriage must be fitted to the camera base.

  3. Screw the camera plate onto the underside of the camera using the supplied screws.
  1. Attach the camera to the head (follow the instructions for the head in use)

  2. The camera lens should be positioned as close to the prompter glass as possible.

  3. Adjust the height of the prompter system so the lens is central inside the hood.

Release the height adjustment lever by turning anti clockwise (make sure to support the prompter assembly)


Raise or lower the assembly to suit the camera lens setup. There is a scale on the side of the adjustment plate to help determine the centre point of the lens. When the required height is achieved tighten the lock lever firmly to secure the setup.